Information About the Dental Crown

A dental crown is a special cap that is placed over a tooth that is damaged. Crowns are suitable for use on both adults and children in most cases. The crown is used to restore the size, shape, and strength of the teeth, as well as its appearance. The crown encases the entire tooth when it is in place. A dental crown is needed for many purposes, including:

·    To protect teeth that are at risk for tooth decay

·    To protect weak teeth from breaking

·    To hold weak teeth together

·    To restore a rotten tooth

·    To restore a tooth that is severely worn

·    To keep a dental bridge in place

·    To hide stained, discolored teeth

·    To cover implants

There are many reasons to use Dental Crowns Buena Park and this is only a partial list of the reasons. Your dentist will recommend a crown if the thinks that it can benefit your oral health needs. You may also ask the dentist if the crown is right for your needs if you prefer. You will wear the crown for a specific amount of time to correct the issues.

Dentists have several types of dental crowns that can be used to protect a tooth or teeth. The best type of dental crown for our needs will be determined upon the initial contact and consultation with the dentist.  The most popular types of dental crowns include:

·    Stainless steel round prefabricated on the permanent teeth

·    Metal, such as alloy or platinum

·    Resin

·    Ceramic

Dental Crowns Buena Park

·    Porcelain

Each type of crown brings with it its own benefits and pros and cons that you should consider when talking to your dentist. No matter which crown type is most suitable for your needs, you will appreciate the many benefits and perks that it brings to your life.

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